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July 1, 2016 Arrived in Anaheim : Anime & Disneyland 4th of July Weekend

July 1, 2016Arrived in Anaheim

Today there was a lot of excitement in the air as we got ready for our big weekend.  The Anime Expo at the LA Convention Center & 4th of July at Disneyland.  Desiree’s excitement is electrical the only drawback is that she had summer school to attend this morning so we had to leave after she was picked up and we had lunch.  She has been not stop Anime for days but today she has been filling us in as to what to expect. 
But then there was our trip down that we all had a big crash because the little bit of film I posted on Instagram may have been too soon.  It took us 4 ½ hours to get here when it usually takes us about half that to get here.  Yikes.  Thank goodness for my books on my tablets and phone.  I wish I could have shown you the video but my phone would not let me send it to you basically it was just a parking lot of the other side until it became our turn and no did not record that.
We had fun tonight when we went to Boca for dinner we had got…