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Welcome Friday Night Here at 7pm Amy Andrews AUTHOR OF: PLAYING BY HER RULES TODAY SEE EXCERPT ;)

WelcomeFriday Night Here at 7pmAmy Andrews
Author of:“Will you be watching the game tomorrow?” She nodded. It was about all she was capable of currently. “Yes.”His gaze locked with hers. “What will you be wearing?”Harper’s breath hitched unable to look away from the fever she saw there. “What do you want me to wear?”He glanced down at the zipper. “Nothing.” Her belly tightened. “Okay.”“I want you stretched out on your couch naked in front of the television.”“Okay.”“I want you to slide your dildo in and keep it there for the entire game and every time we score a try I want you to come.”Harper was pretty damn sure she was about to come right now. She’d never been given homework by a guy before—erotic or otherwise—and she was so turned on she could barely see straight. She supposed she should be shocked. She’d known him for such a short time and they were in a supposedly fake platonic relationship. She should tell him to go to hell. But screw that.“Okay.” “I want to know that while I’m sw…