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Interview: Romance Cover Male Models: Sean & Michael Cover2Cover

Interview:Romance Cover Male Models:Sean & Michael


This weekend we were lucky enough to go to the InD’Scribe Author Reader Conference in Burbank, California.  There were around 91 authors give or take.  Among all the showmanship of the weekend and there was a lot to see that is for sure.  It was all done beautifully may I add.  There were two men who stood out among them all.     They were the men from Period Images.  Michael Foster known as Foster (Although he is not a fan of it --that is what all the jocks in high school called him and he is not that guy anymore.  Plus the call him that because there was another model two years ago named Michael.  So, they call him Foster and he has pretty much hated it ever since.) and Sean Hampton known as Sean.  Now these two are hitting the ground running on a new venture they kicked off to all of us at the conference, “Cover2Cover.”     They feel what they can bring to the table is a more intensive reviewing of b…