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Let’s Welcome Our Author: Abby Niles Author of:“Knocked Out by Love”

Let’s WelcomeOur AuthorAbby Niles
 Author of:
Rad-Reader:  Why MMA fighters as your love interests?
Abby:  I went crazy over the UFC after watching my first fight with George St. Pierre. (So excited he's about to make a return to MMA). I love the combination of the tough badass that enters a cage and the man he is outside it.
Rad-Reader:  How did the three characters meet and how did Ryan win her heart over Brody, to begin with?
Abby:  Well, she met and dated Ryan for a while before she was introduced to his best friend, Brody. And she was very much in love with Ryan at the time and didn't see any other man other than the man she was with. This story really isn't about a person who married someone they didn't truly love. At one point, Ryan and Scarlett were very much head-over-heels in love with the other. It's how sometimes love isn't enough to get you through really tough times and you grow apart.

Rad-Reader:  Now did the doctors say she could never have children o…