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Healing the Hero Author Interview with: – Skye Taylor--

Rad-Reader:  What gave you the idea for this book?
Skye:  Healing a Hero is book 4 in The Camerons of Tide’s Way series. When I submitted the first, the editor suggested I consider making it part of a series. Since Jake had four siblings, that was the basis for the series, along with the town of Tide’s Way. Philip Cameron is the oldest brother and he appears in the first three books, so when it came time to write his story, I already knew he was a career Marine who had been out of the country more than he was in it. I wondered if Philip ever had a sweetheart and lost her somehow. I was subscribing to the Marine Times to get a feel for what he might be up to in his career when I read a story about the decommissioning of the USS Peleliu. In that article two men, a sailor and a Marine who had served aboard her talked about the shore leave that got canceled in Darwin Australia because of 9/11. And that was my ah-ha moment. 

Rad-Reader:  Have you known anyone…