A New Dawn In Montana

Posted: June 30, 2013

Holly Winters arrives in Montana having inherited a ranch from the father she never knew.

As far as Holly is concerned, the faster she can do what she's got to do in Montana - and get back to her hectic career - the better.

But there are two things she hasn't bargained on:

- Falling for the heart-stoppingly lovely Ben Cormack, owner of the neighboring ranch;
- And finding out something important about her father - something that will make her re-evaluate everything about her life.
Now this has all the elements you look for in a love story. Even though I knew it was a novella when it was at its end I was saying "No not yet!" So I hope the next book comes along soon. Very quickly read but so worth it. It was that instant connection that is so rare since like Holly people jet set to much that they don't stay still long enough. Ben was a man who had suffered loss in his life with a sibling & now his dear friend who was Holly's father but connections mean a lot to him & mending fences.

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