Free to Love

FREE TO LOVE                                           SYDELL VOELLER
Posted: June 30, 2013

Free to LoveOne year after Joanna Sullivan’s husband, Kyle, a firefighter, has been killed while battling a house fire, Joanna makes a desperate attempt to start over. She moves to a new town, embarks on a new career at the local coastal aquarium, and attempts to refurbish a dilapidated duplex. Then Austin, her husband’s brother, visits unexpectedly He offers to stay and help her with the much needed repairs.

Joanna soon discovers, however, that Austin’s presence is proving more disturbing than helpful. His resemblance to Kyle is uncanny, thwarting her resolve to put her husband’s memory to rest. Worse, she is strongly attracted to Austin. Austin, a veterinarian, shares Joanna’s love of nature, and the two find much common ground as they team up to help clean up the beaches and save the native birds and wildlife from the encroachment of civilization.

Can Joanna let go of her grief and love Austin in his own right? Or will he always remain the a painful reminder of her husband?


Kyle & Jo are a newly married couple when Kyle a firefighter is killed in a fire. Jo trying to struggle through the loss can no longer live with the loss living where it happened & moves back to her hometown where her aunt & support is. Kyle's family has thrown themselves into work to survive. So, before moving back she secures a job in her field of study & buys a fixer upper on the beach. Within weeks though Kyle's brother Austin appears after months of no contact. It instantly stirs raw feelings within her & many question of why he is there, why he would track her down & feelings of guilt for not telling anyone she was going. Emotions run high for them both & sparks fly. This is such a raw emotion at times & others just a peaceful experience. I did feel at times I was getting a Eco lesson but it wasn't heavy handed. Overall, totally enjoyed this story

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