A Very Special Delivery

Posted: June 23, 2013

A Very Special Delivery (Love Inspired)It was the surprise of a lifetime for recluse Molly McCreight when single dad Ethan Hunter entrusted her with his infant daughter while he delivered medicine to an elderly man during an ice storm. Past experience had taught Molly how fragile life could be, but she was touched by this stranger's faith in her abilities. Once the storm had passed, though, and her guests returned home, normalcy eluded Molly. The Hunters' presence had brought much-needed joy to her quiet world, but their absence threatened to crush her forever. Still, was she ready to admit that this tiny family held the key to the future she'd always secretly craved?


This was a Christian based story. Very well written & all the things you look for in a love story but the sex scenes. And you know, that's okay. Molly comes with some major panic attacks do to children & Ethan comes from a party back ground & is now a single father who has found God. Molly is unsure about God after so long believing. They work together to work out the guilt of their pasts. Their journey is worth reading.

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