Angel Baby

ANGEL BABY                                               LESLIE KELLY
Posted: June 24, 2013

Angel BabyFIRST TIME IN PRINT—A Heartwarming Romance from bestselling author Leslie Kelly

Since losing her husband several months ago, the only thing Claudia Warren is looking forward to is the impending birth of her child. But she goes into labor at the worst possible time, in the worst possible place. Fortunately, a strong, protective stranger—Chase Paxton—comes to her aid, saving her life and the life of her daughter.

Chase is a loner, and he likes it that way. He tries to avoid getting caught up in anyone else’s drama…so coming to the aid of a heavily pregnant woman, and being right there for the birth of her baby, shocks him to his core. Even more shocking is that the beautiful young mother disappears from his life as quickly as she’d entered it.

Now, fate has brought Claudia back to him. And while Chase might try to resist any emotional tangles, he finds himself thoroughly ensnared by the beautiful young mother, and the adorable child he helped bring into the world. But can two people who’ve sworn off love for good ever move beyond past hurts and regrets to trust in a future together?

Before award-winning romance author Leslie Kelly became known for her super-sexy contemporary novels, like the extremely popular SLOW HANDS, or for the dark romantic thrillers she writes as Leslie Parrish, she penned a few deeply emotional contemporary books. Never before published, ANGEL BABY is a tender story of two lonely people learning how to trust in love, and in the bonds of family. Though not as light-hearted, or quite as steamy as her later works, ANGEL BABY will still appeal to readers looking for that unique Leslie Kelly voice.


This is now the second book I have read from this author. I didn't know that at the time of starting this book only on completion. I have to say like her other book I was not disappointed. This story of Claudia & Chase & their unusual meeting is one I am sure you will enjoy. The characters are engaging & down to earth. The storyline is believable & funny in a sad kind of way.  It does have the HEA so it makes all the twists & turns worth it.

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