Addicted to Him

ADDICTED TO HIM                                     MILA McCLUNG
Posted: June 23, 2013

Addicted To Him (The Man Season, #2)Tegan St. Clair works in a florist shop in Burbank, and fantasizes about her dream man, Fleet Westcott, the billionaire film producer who owns the studio across the street, never imagining that she could ever meet him in real life.

Then Fleet steps out of her dreams and into her bed, and she is swept up in a passion so electric it leaves scars. But Fleet is a complicated man, with some dark, dangerous secrets. Can Tegan find the courage to save him, even if it means her own life is on the line?

ADDICTED TO HIM is a SHORT story in the MAN SEASON series. It has sexual situations, and is roughly 41 pages.


Okay, this cover does nothing for this book. It was a little strange at first the way these two start their relationship on the first day. Then how they have been fantasizing about each other is spooky. Then the book starts taking a Scooby Doo turn & wow hold on to your seat belts you're going to Jupiter. It has mystery, erotica, suspense, love & addiction. What ride you will have but this storyline was fun to go on it was a real change from what I normally read.

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