Curvy Girls: Claimed By The Cowboy

Posted: June 23, 2013

Curvy Girls: Claimed by the Cowboy
Ty Jackson was Abigail’s high school nemesis. The popular quarterback mocked her full figure and her studious ways; hurt, she ran a humiliating picture of him in the school newspaper. She can’t imagine anything more infuriating than the big, handsome jerk coming back from the big city and living on the ranch next door to her property…except being blackmailed into a fake marriage to help him save his family’s ranch. But what are Ty’s true reasons for wanting to marry Abigail…and what are his secret plans for the ranch?


This is a story of two people who grew up together in a small town acting as if they hated each other. Yet, secretly having mad crushes on one another. He (Ty) was the total jock who dated & laid every girl in site almost. She (Abigail) was the school photographer who had full breast & large hips. She was good enough for Ty to kiss once behind the bleachers but once he heard his friends coming it ended & the name calling started. Now years have gone by & the crush is still there but can all the "I'm sorry's" in the world help? Can they work through the pass hurts? Or will Abby always question what he says & does?
I really loved Abby's posse they were a hoot. Richard gets what he had coming. So glad things worked out for sweet Dylan. I recommend this book. Love scenes beyond sizzling.

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