Almost Married

ALMOST MARRIED                                    CAROL GRACE
Posted: June 24, 2013

Almost MarriedLaurie Clayton wants a family but the closest she gets is baby-sitting for her best friend in an apple orchard. On a field trip to Niagara Falls the baby throws the car keys into the falls and Laurie and baby are rescued by a handsome stranger. Turns out the guy is Mr. Right. He just has to come to his senses and realize Laurie is the woman of his dreams.


Although this story did have a few problems with spelling it didn't effect the content at all. This story was a true depiction of how some feel once they have lost a loved one.  They are begrudging trying to move on due to the fear, pain & guilt. Laurie & Cooper meet by chance while Laurie is baby-sitting for the first time for a best friend. Thinking it would be nice to stop at Niagara Falls for a break, since her God-daughter was already having a melt down,ss from dropping mom at the airport. No sooner does she get out of the car when the baby tosses the keys over the falls. Here, is where the real fun begins, because he sees it happen & the thoughts he has...
I enjoyed this book I would recommend it for sure.

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