The Candidate's Wife

THE CANDIDATE'S WIFE                         ISABELLA ASHE
Posted: June 24, 2013

The Candidate's WifeJulia Moore has no interest in romance -- she's busy raising her son, starting a new career, and mending a broken heart.She certainly never expected a marriage proposal from her boss, gorgeous "playboy politician" Adam Carmichael. Too bad it's only a marriage of convenience, meant to help him win the governor's race.

Adam's touch sets Julia's heart racing. Every public kiss is both a tease and a torment. For his part, Adam finds that he can't keep his hands off his lovely new bride. Neither can deny the physical attraction,especially after they both succumb to a steamy night together. But Adam still isn't convinced that their marriage can ever be more than a publicity stunt.

When Julia's young son is abducted, the truth will have to come out. But will all of the secrets and lies break Julia's heart -- again?


What a thoroughly enjoyable book. This was a well thought out storyline that kept you interested from start to finish. Julia & Adam were very intriguing characters that were filled with so many sides to their personalities. That when you knew for sure, okay, this is so predictable it was not. Vice a versa for other things. The plot had many twist & turns but so worth reading it was more then your normal love story I thought it had that spice of excitement to make it a page turner. You will see Adam the normal Alpha Male type soften but with a fight. Yet, Julia the single shy mother with a highly educated brain. She turns into a driving force in every phase of his life & her own. I totally enjoyed this free read.

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