Bad Boy Secrets #2

BAD BOY SECRETS #2                                    SERAPHINA DONAVAN
Posted: June 19, 2013

Bad Boy SecretsReed Harrison is everything right and proper, a decorated soldier turned small town attorney. But he's also a man with a secret, and dark, dangerous desires. With his sight set on Cass Blakely, the best friend of his best friend's girl, sparks begin to fly.

Cass has lived her life by one motto, not to take any crap off of anyone. She's always bucked authority, but no one has ever issued the kinds of orders that Reed gives her.

But not everyone wants to see the odd couple have a happy ending...


This book had all the elements I look for in a book that I didn't know I wanted. I liked how Cass had NO body image at all. There was a mild form of bondage, spanking, & submission which in this case was done with love & with an agreement between the couple as to what was allowed. Just so captivating I have to say for sure & the total erotic wow for me. Then, there is two added crazies thrown into the mix who stir up pure mean Ass crazy trouble. Evie & Jackson are back so catching up was fun. I enjoyed this book.

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