Bad Girl Lessons #1

BAD GIRL LESSONS #1                                  SERAPHINA DONAVAN
Posted: June 19, 2013

Bad Girl LessonsEvangeline Harper has been every one's good girl. But after being dumped at the altar by her fiancé, Evie decides it's time to stop playing by the rules and have some fun. There's only one problem... she doesn't know how. But one of her oldest friends, Jackson Cope, is just the man to teach her. Hotter than a Georgia tent revival in July, Jackson has had a starring role in every erotic fantasy Evie has ever had. Can she convince the local bad boy to help transform her from a slightly pudgy, former debutante into a wanton, sex kitten?

Jackson's been secretly in love with Evie since they were kids, but she was always off limits to the likes of him. Now she's offering him everything he's ever wanted, but only as friends with benefits. Planning to seduce her into his life on a permanent basis, he starts out with hot, steamy lessons on how to walk on the wild side. When Evie's former fiancé shows up, trying to woo her and her trust fund back to save his sorry hide from the Dixie Mafia, it's up to Jackson to protect her from danger. But who will protect him from a broken heart?


Okay Girls, by the time you finish this story you will want a Jackson to put on your shelf. All I can say is Evie is one lucky girl to be loved so good. These two were childhood friends that lost their way do to a meddling family & a community that labeled people without knowing the facts. So, when Evie gets dumped by Jackson's cousin (weird yes) she goes to the only person who never labeled her the "good fat girl." You got it Jackson. Watch this romantic, erotic, & funny but real (as far as feeling & thoughts of BBW.) Finally a story not just total Erotica when it comes to a BBW. Yes, there were some misspellings but not bad. Was it totally believable no but it's fiction. I had fun reading it.

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