Cardio Session

CARDIO SESSION                                        XAVIER EDWARDS
Posted: June 23, 2013

Cardio SessionStill fairly new to the city, Cathy is still finding her feet. Work is getting in the way of her having a social life, but she is managing to keep reality in check with her late night gym sessions.

She isn’t completely alone in her late night workouts, and the eye candy is very much welcome. One of these days she’s going to do something about it, but the lack of a regular social life competing with not being sure of how her ogling is being received is holding her back.


First off you need to know this is just a first chapter. That being said. I would really gave this a 3.5 stars. I could not get into it until the locker room action began. Even then I kept thinking our hero was going to reveal to our heroine that he was gay. By the mention of his dress after a shower & a possibility of coffee after workout. But, locker room action saved this by far. Storyline was an interesting one not read in a long while. Hope to read more. Did get to read for free on Amazon.

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