The Marrying Man: A Novella


The Marrying ManCat O'Leary Zaslow is a best-selling mystery writer. (She's also the single mother of five kids under twelve.)

Riley McKendrick is a famous efficiency expert who once whipped the White House into shape. (He's also an ex-cowboy who believes in traveling light.)

Opposites definitely attract but everyone knows they should never try living together.

On a bet, Riley moves into Cat's Connecticut farmhouse and vows to have her chaotic lifestyle under control before the weekend is over. But five kids, six dogs, four cats, and one strong-minded woman may be more than even he can handle.But when it comes to love, all bets are off...
(Previously printing in the Love and Laughter Anthology.)


Cat & Riley were such interesting characters that I just really loved. I enjoyed their, instant chemistry, their bantering, & their insecurities. I just wish the author would have given us more background on Cat & her up bringing. They talked a great deal about his. I also felt like the ending was rushed & it was like so how did it happen this way? Although it was what I wanted & knew, what was going to happen. Some type of reasoning would have been nice of where this person went, but that's me. Very endearing story though.  I enjoyed it.

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