Cowboy's Heart

COWBOY'S HEART                                      PATTI ANN COLT

Cowboy's HeartDue to popular demand, COWBOY'S HEART has been expanded so you may spend more time with Jess and Amy Rose! (Second Edition: August 2012)

JESS O’HARE has loved Amy Rose Adams since high school. Even though asking her out took him too many years, he finally made her his. A successful family rancher in Copper Canyon, Texas, he’s a hardworking and simple man who adores taking care of the woman he plans to be his wife. But Amy Rose won’t commit. She is constantly trying to live up to her parent’s commands for her future. Those dictatorial expectations scare him to death, because they lead her away from him!

AMY ROSE ADAMS has struggled for years with her parents’ unrelenting demands. Only with Jess can she be herself. And yet, he’s pressuring her to stand up to her parents, knowing full well it will destroy her relationship with them. After a hurtful and temper-filled argument, she is devastated and despairs that Jess won’t ever support her choices, much like her parents. But she’s fiercely loved Jess forever and now that she’s carrying his baby, the stakes have just changed.


I just loved the interaction of all the characters with one another. The family feel & country hometown atmosphere. Where everyone helped everyone to the point where all the family members felt it was their God given right to meddle. I liked how you knew how much these two loved each other & for how long. You also knew just how mad they were at each other through their self dialog. Yet, what I was displeased with was there was no real closure with her parents after words were spoken. I would have liked to have seen how the parents reacted to her after she stood up to them & her dads threats. Otherwise, a very sweet down to earth book looking forward to seeking out more books from this author.

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