Waiting Forever

WAITING FOREVER                                   LAURIE KELLOGG
Posted: June 28, 2013

Waiting Forever (Return to Redemption, #0.6)A SHORT short story starring Steve, one of Matt's POW friends, from Laurie's award-winning novel, The Memory of You. This short story includes a sneak peek at the Prequel to The Return to Redemption Series, The Memory of You.

Only two reasons could make Kathy Sullivan's usually responsible daughter elope to Vegas with a man Kathy has never met--insanity or pregnancy. Neither possibility is one Kathy cares to consider. Even though things turned out okay for her in the end, the last thing she wants is to see her child repeat her mistakes.

Since her husband's death only ten months ago--the second time Kathy has lost a man she loved--she feels her life is over. While waiting to meet her daughter and new son-in-law for dinner, she discovers destiny still has a few wonderful surprises in store, and it's never too late for a second chance at love.

Waiting Forever was first published by New
Love Stories magazine in the May/June 2009 issue.


What a very sweet short story. This is one of those very fast shorts where at the end you have a smile & go "Ahhhh!" The characters have heart & personalities. They are funny & they win you over right away. A feel good story you will want to read and read again. It is hard to believe in this throw away society but there was a time when we kept things even our first loves. Even if they are dead you still move on with life, needs, & wants for yourself because guess what you are still alive. We all react differently & move on sooner then others but love stays just to what degree.

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