Dagger's Edge (Seals on Fire #2)


Dagger's Edge (SEALs On Fire #2)Though well hidden, deep scars from Dean "Dagger" Gregory's troubled past have influenced each important decision he's ever made, including joining the military and keeping his distance from his best friend's sister, Mia Benson, the only woman he's ever loved. But after Dagger's friend strong-arms him into checking on the feisty redhead during his leave in Key West, he finds himself under sexual attack and with no desire—or willpower—to retreat.


Dagger & Brice were best friends. Brice's little sister is Mia who is 2 years younger then Dagger. Yet, beyond him in school & most of his classmates when she was advanced to his grade. She was in love with Dagger from the day Brice's brother brought him home with him & since she was his little sis & taboo to him Dagger ignored her. So, Mia used her smarts for good & bad to get his attention. Now all these years later the seal team is using Brice's home in Miami & he asks Dagger to check on is sis for him. Here's where it gets interesting & secrets, fears, & dreams are revealed. This is another sweet romantic erotica. This is the third in the series that I have read & although it was good I feel there was something missing. I hope that there is going to be a follow up to all these stories because I have to say I hate how they all end. No closure. But, I still recommend.

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