Jonesin" For Action (Seals on Fire #3)

Posted: June 23, 2013

Jonesin' For Action (SEALs On Fire #3)Losing half a leg hasn't slowed down Aiden Jones. He can't deploy as a SEAL anymore, but that doesn't stop him from enjoying life as he always has. The one challenge left is to take a woman to bed. It's not his ability he questions, but his appeal. Can a woman overlook his damaged leg?

Marissa Nelson tends bar while working on her dissertation. Cautious by nature, hooking up with customers isn't her style, but Aiden tempts her to break the rules. More than the sum of his parts, he's a man who can rock her world.


Aidan is ready to fly solo. Which is so new for him since he has always been a strong force on his team. Yet, when the wheels go up on this next mission Aiden won't be going up again. When he was hit by that IED struck his whole life changed. But, today was a huge milestone for him. The team took him water skiing. To most that might not seem like a lot but Aidan is missing part of his leg. Now, he intends to see if his luck will hold out when he tries to score with the ladies like he use to before the injury. No wing man required, ego couldn't take it if shot down. So, first bar out , behind the bar is tiny, sweet, & beautiful Marissa. Will he score? This romantic erotica is such a sweet heart breaker of a back story. Meaning behind the sex. I recommend this book.

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