Love For Lenore

LOVE FOR LENORE                                 REGINA L. TITTEL
Posted: June 28, 2013

Love For LenoreA busted wagon wheel strands Lenore and her family on an isolated pass. Her search to find help results in a marriage to Heston Miller, a trapper who's forced to marry or lose his land.
Lenore had always determined she'd never settle for less than love, but love is an untamed emotion, and one can never tell where it might bloom - even in a frozen wilderness.

This short-story is 10,000 words in length.


This was one of the sweetest spiritually based short stories I've read in awhile. The characters were so pure in spirit & shy in a love that they just stumbled upon. It gives you so much food for thought yet in such a sweet way you don't even realize the lesson has been taught. I thought the storyline was very nicely developed it just wasn't long enough. Would have liked to have read more. Heston is such a powerful presence that his gentleness, gratefulness & prays of thanks to God for sending Lenore.  Both are just so endearing. You will just fall in love with these two people & end up Asking for more.

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