Quinn's Woman

QUINN'S WOMAN                                        SUSAN MALLERY
Posted: June 22,2013

Quinn's Woman by Susan Mallery
Self-defense instructor D.J. Monroe would do anything to be the best. Even if it meant asking super-sexy military expert Quinn Reynolds to demonstrate some of his finest moves...on and off the mat! Normally, D.J. didn't date, didn't trust, didn't let anyone in. But when she found herself falling for Quinn, could she let go of her past and embrace a future with him?


I LOVED QUINN & D.J.! These two characters were so scarred that it just made you love them all the more. The obstacles that they have to recover from to get anywhere near a relationship is worth the read. D.J. is one tough, strong, scared & yet vulnerable woman. Quinn is strong, well trained, handsome, fearless in combat & yet scared in matters of the heart. These two were made for each other but the journey to one another makes this read enjoyable.

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