Cop's Passion

COP'S PASSION                                           ANGELA VERDENIUS
Posted: June 22, 2013

Cop's Passion by Angela VerdeniusIndependent, plus-sized nurse Maddy Lovett considered herself pretty easy-going, until she met the Neanderthal living next door…then the trouble started.

Hulking cop Mike Carson was old-fashioned in his regard to the ladies, until he started to have a couple of run-ins with the curvy cutie next door…then the trouble started.
And then there was the stray kitten…


Maddy & Mike are a most unusual couple when you consider the norm but yet so perfect. I just loved their chemistry together. Even with all the teasing Tim gives to Mike about being to soft when comes to Maddy you know Mike can care less that Maddy is everything he has waited for. No matter of size, outlandish remarks, & all her fears she is his. He is big, sexy, & all muscles & all hers. I just loved this book. But it is beyond steamy so get a fan ready ladies you will need it.

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