RESTORATIONS                                          BONNIE BLYTHE

RestorationsIn a small Oregon community, Sara Andersen finds herself in possession of an old farmhouse in desperate need of renovations. Brian Farris is a builder who is new in town, but intimately acquainted with Sara. His purpose is not to restore only the house, but his relationship with her. The only problem is that Sara doesn't believe Brian has undergone any soulful renovations of his own.


Sara & Brian are a couple who took their walk with God at different times & down different paths at the beginning. So, when their human choices to a scary turn in their relationship, they were caught, on so many levels they took it as a booming hand of God.   God's way to punish her. Therefore, she ran instead of talking to him. Which is really the theme of this whole story lack of mature adult communication. Praying to God is wonderful but expecting a different answer then what is presented then running from it then blaming the other person is not the answer. Love is a gift. Run to it but be mature enough to know there are hurdles to get over, but it is so worth it. I very much enjoyed this book I just got frustrated that they would not talk about their thoughts & feelings.

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