Sweet Seduction

SWEET SEDUCTION                                  JUDY ANGELO
Posted: June 26, 2013

Sweet Seduction (The Bad Boy Billionaires, #6)Jake McKoy moves to a tiny town in upstate New York to escape a painful secret from his past. He has no idea that it is here that he will find healing and strength and a new start in life. And that healing comes in the form of a fresh-faced woman who steals his heart.

Samantha Fox was only a month away from her wedding day when her fiance broke the engagement. He'd found a more 'suitable' bride. Haunted by the constant fear that she's not 'good enough', Sam finds it hard to give her heart to another man. And when that man happens to be a billionaire who can't let go of his past, things become complicated indeed.
Can Jake and Samantha overcome their difficult pasts to forge a bright future together?


Jake poor guy is one fickled man. He is a billionaire mystery writer who moves into small town America. Springs a leak in the basement & has to call in a plumber. In walks Sam as in (Samantha) she is tiny, petite, & just down right beautiful even dressed like a man. Even though he is trying to out run a tragic past he can still see & lust over Sam. I have to say the overall story was good & sometimes funny. Yet, a lot was just heart breaking & so true when grieving goes on. I did enjoy it but Jake's wishy-washiness did drive me crazy at times. What else that was refreshing he wanted to wait to have sex until after marriage once the heavy petting started.

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