Scorched:Turn Up The Heat

Posted: June 24, 2013

Scorched (Turn Up the Heat, #1)
Book one in the Turn Up the Heat series.Kasey Jacobs spends her days as a bookkeeper for a discount furniture store and her nights writing erotic romances, still waiting to meet the man who could ring her chimes. Maybe her new neighbor, Skyler Brody... Too bad she hasn't seen him since the day he moved in.Then Skyler, a cop recuperating from a gunshot wound, spies Kasey pleasuring herself in front of an open window and nearly trips over his tongue rushing to introduce himself. The sex is instantaneous and hot, with all the explosiveness of fireworks.But Kasey wants something Skyler isn't prepared to give. Perhaps they can find a way to each other's heart-if they don't burn themselves out with their nightly erotic activities.


I really enjoyed this free spirited female lead. She was not a push over the male lead thought her to be at the beginning. Yes, there is plenty of toe curling sex talked about in her stories she is creating by also acted out & then some. Yet, when our lead male does not want to share his private life she puts a stop to their party life. So, goes to show sex is not everything boys so what will he do? Is she worth the risk of his heart? A good free read.

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