The Bridesmaid's Baby

Posted: June 24, 2013

The Bridesmaid's BabyGetting noticed by the gorgeous best man is every bridesmaid's dream. Especially if he's her old crush. Lucy McKenty knows she should be wary of Will Carruthers. All she wants is to finally settle down and have a family--and that's a far cry from this globe-trotting wanderer's life plan.... Caught up in the swirl of confetti and romance, Lucy finds herself in Will's arms. Discovering she's pregnant thrills her--but is Will going to stay to meet his baby?


Lucy & Will have been friends since their last year of high school, upon them now completing college together Will was leaving to meet up with his girlfriend at the job site that he had worked all these years toward. Lucy was always just Will's best friend until the night of his going away party & he saw hers. In the moonlight he saw a special type of love & sadness being emitted from Lucy's eyes which made him want to kiss her fully. As he did the earth moved like an earthquake. They were interrupted & went on as if nothing happened. Lucy knew he was going to his girlfriend & a job he loved & she knew she could never compete with that. For Will, since Lucy didn't react after  that, he almost felt like it didn't happen or she didn't want it to happen. So, he had to remind himself he had a girlfriend waiting as well as a job. As time got away from them & they both moved on so you would think until it involved Will's brother. You have to read to find out what happens. Let's just say these two need to learn the art of communication, following their feelings & never take for granted what is right in front of you. I recommend this book. Love scenes: G: rated. :)

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