The Lawson Boys: Marty

Posted: June 22, 2013

The Lawson Boys by Angela Verdenius
Crashing her cheating boyfriend’s wedding in a fit of rage was not voluptuous Belle Broune’s best plan. Now she’s been branded by the gossips as ‘The Other Woman’. Oh, the shame of it!

Wedding guest Marty Lawson finds it all very funny, but when family connections result in him trying to comfort her in his usual jovial way, the sparks start to fly between them. Can he convince this luscious woman that he’s serious and not just simply amusing himself?


What a really, really enjoyable short story. Belle is one strong, bold, insecure, tender & loving BBW (BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMEN). Marty is a sexy, wealthy, down to earth, funny, & kind bachelor. They are not two people anyone would see together. But, after his friends wedding both their lives start changing in a public way. Sit back and enjoy the ride it is so much fun. The characters in this book are fun free spirits that will have you smiling as you read. So worth the read these two characters make it worth it.

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