Her Indecent Proposal

Posted: June 22, 2013

Her Indecent Proposal by Judy AngeloMelanie Parker is at the top of her game. Thirty-three years old, owner and CEO of Parker Broadcasting Corporation, with assets totaling over a billion dollars. There are many who would die to be in her shoes. But there’s one thing Melanie feels is missing from her life. A child. She’s always dreamed of one day being a mother but just never found the time to fall in love. And now time is running out. So she seeks out the one man who she knows can give her what she wants and will demand nothing in return, a man who’s a billionaire himself.

Sloane Quest can’t believe it when the owner of Parker Broadcasting Corporation – his biggest competitor in the media business – makes him the craziest of all proposals. The decision he makes is quick, and it probably defies all reason, but he has an ulterior motive which will not be denied.
Complications, intrigue and a baby bargain in the middle. Can love conquer all?


Melanie & Sloane are now two billionaires who just happened to go to high school together. He was the big jock senior & she was the geeky freshman. But, on her first day in the cafeteria they both seemed to notice each other. Nothing came of it but over the years they did keep track of each other. Especially, since the took over the competitive family businesses from their father's. So, when Melanie comes to Sloane with a most important question can he really refuse it? With the hurt they have they manage to pull it off? Let me just say you will get your HEA.

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