A Thunder Canyon Christmas

Posted: July 24, 2013

A Thunder Canyon ChristmasElise Clifton is back in Thunder Canyon for a family reunion--with her newly discovered parents. Now rumors are flying about the woman behind the town's hottest story and Matt Cates--the tall, dark, gorgeous cowboy who's making Elise long to turn the past into a future...with "him."Ever since he came home to Montana, Matt's been trying to live down his wild playboy reputation. And the moment he sees the petite blonde again, he doesn't have eyes for anyone else. Will Matt's love for Elise become the town's next big headline? Stay tuned, faithful readers, to see if Thunder Canyon's most honorable cowboy can persuade Elise to tie the knot with him and turn this Christmas into a true season for giving.


I enjoyed it very much. It was a cute story of Elise who's had a mad crush on Matt ever since grade school. You see Matt has always played the part of her knight in shining armor. El as he calls her was always getting herself in mishaps. But then in her teens El's father was murdered & her mother moves away from the homestead leaving her older brother behind on the ranch. Something life changing for El & her family brings her back to Thunder Canyon which causes her a lot of pain & embarrassment. If that was not enough combined with her dads death. Her best friend can't meet her for drinks at the local bar & grill & you guest it she is down in the dumps drinks to much & needs a rescue.Guess who is there to help. A very touching story worth reading.

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