From Doctor...To Daddy

Posted: July 24, 2013

From Doctor... to DaddyEver since Dr. Dillon Traub arrived at Thunder Canyon Resort, tongues have been wagging about the chemistry zinging between the Texas oil tycoon and his new receptionist. Those broad shoulders of his may be awfully tempting...but single mom Erika Rodriguez knows better than to give in to her attraction to the handsome bachelor doctor. So why is the sought-after playboy going out of his way to prove to the love-burned Erika that he'd make the ideal husband--and perfect father to her adorable baby girl? Stay tuned, dear readers, to see if the town's favorite new physician will be heading back home. Or if this Dr. Daddy is writing a prescription for lifetime happiness.


It was OK. I was glad I read it since in explained a lot of background I missed since I'm reading this series out of order. I am getting it from the library so I get them when I get them. Harlequin's covers are awful. Does the photographer ever talk to the author to see what the characters in the books will look like? 9 x's out of 10 the don't match. This couple as a matter of fact the guy is suppose to be much older then her. The cover they look the same age. The little is suppose to be turning 2 & have hair the color of her mom's on the cover she looks 3 but closer to 4. Her hair is way lighter also. OK off my soap box now.

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