Baring It All (A Novella)

BARING IT ALL                                             MEGAN FRAMPTON
Posted: July 2, 2013

Megan Frampton turns up the heat on one bride-to-be and her oblivious bridegroom in this steamy and scandalous eBook original novella of Regency romance.

It is with great discretion that this columnist discusses the sensitive topic of undergarments. Some ladies, it seems, do not pay strict attention to what they wear under their gowns. A crucial error, my ladies.

Lady Violet knows Lord Christian Jepstow is interested in women. The problem is, he hasn’t seemed to realize that Violet is a living, breathing woman—a woman with needs. Which is a huge problem, considering the fact that Violet and Christian are betrothed. Violet has no intention of saying her vows without knowing if her husband has the capacity to love her properly, so she does what anyone would do in her situation—she steps into his study and offers to take off her clothes. What happens next could be an utter disaster . . . or it could be surprising, seductive, and sizzlingly sexy.


I have to say this is the first historical erotica I have ever read and what a hot piece it was. It started with such a sweetness and started to smolder until it was a hot burn. Christian was such a cold fish to Violet that you would never guess that they he even knew her as his sister’s friend let alone his fiancĂ©. Violet comes up with a plan to make sure that Christian is really even aware that she is a woman and that he is anywhere near even liking her let along loving her. Let me tell you do they figure it out. I have to say this was a very fun way to take an erotica and it was not over the top either which to me made it hotter

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