Resisting Cupid (A Novella)

RESISTING CUPID                                      CAROL ROSE
Posted: July 1, 2013

Resisting CupidEmma reluctantly returns to Cupid, Texas, stealing time from her career as a television journalist, to be her high school best friend's maid of honor. The four months of her brief, youthful marriage to Tucker, her high school boyfriend, had been fiery in lots of ways. She can't quite forget his kisses, even though she's tried. To her chagrin, she sees Tucker at the wedding rehearsal since his brother is the groom. Just as hot as he was before, Tucker's still the hunky guy she married right out of high school, but now he's a medical doctor. Emma's shocked to discover they're still married. She'd thought Tucker took care of the matter, but he tells her he never got a divorce. They're still married and Tucker isn't sure he wants a divorce. He still has feelings for Emma.

She has to decide if the flames between her and her husband deserve another shot.

A very sweet short story. Something to read for when you are waiting at an appointment. I have to say it is very much along the lines of the Sweet Home Alabama movie. But still, the feel good read for a short.  I give this: 4 stars

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