Black Ties and Lullabies

Posted: July 24, 2013

Black Ties and LullabiesA good girl can be bad for one night...

Bernadette Hogan doesn't make mistakes. Not when it comes to caring for her mother, and not at her job protecting Texas's most eligible--and infuriating--bachelor. Maybe that's why she's overcome with guilt after one tiny indiscretion: a passionate fling with her boss that's left her confused, intrigued...and pregnant.

but can a bad boy be good for a lifetime?

To self-made millionaire Jeremy Bridges, women are like fine wine: if held for too long, they sour. But one wild night with Bernadette changed all that. She makes him laugh, she makes him think, and soon she's going to make him a father. For the first time, Jeremy wants to be a one-woman man. So how can he convince the fiercely independent Bernadette he's ready to change from partying playboy to dependable dad--and become the loving husband she deserves?


I enjoyed the whole hard nosed lady bodyguard thing. But what interested me more was the relationship she had with her employer right off. She was sassy & not someone who was going to really take grief from him. But when life changes in a split second for them their transformation is intriguing. I enjoy the way they are in awe when they hear how people see them and how their relationship changes over time because of it. She likes his changes right off but hers, he is just not that sure of. Well worth the read. Was not sure how I would like it first time author I have to say she is good.

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