Heartstrings and Diamond Rings

Posted: July 24, 2013

Heartstrings and Diamond RingsHE'S THE MAN OF HER DREAMS . . .

In a world full of frogs, Alison Carter is determined to find her prince. Maybe her dating past is more Titanic than Love Boat, but she's seen enough happy marriages to know that true love is possible. No matter what, she won't give up on happily-ever-after. If she can't find Mr. Right, she'll simply hire someone who can.


When Brandon Scott inherits a successful matchmaking business, he thinks his prayers have been answered. Set up a few lonely ladies, collect the fee, how hard can it be? No one needs to know he's not really a professional matchmaker-especially not his first client, the beautiful, spirited Alison. Soon he's falling for her-and her dreams of kids and carpools. But Alison is getting close to figuring out his secret, and if she learns he's deceived her too, she'll walk right out the door, taking Brandon's heart with her.


Loved this book. Have read other books about matchmakers but this had a different spin since it was a man. The way the story unfolds between him & his first client is just way to funny. You think her past dating experiences are a hoot. Then the ones he sends her on will really make you laugh in a sad sort of way. Because we have either been there or had a friend just like this. All the characters in the book mesh well together I highly recommend.

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