Body Heat

BODY HEAT                                                 CARLY PHILLIPS
Posted: July 28, 2013

Body Heat (Simply, #4)Physical therapist Brianne Nelson has never worked on a body this hot before....Injured detective Jake Lowell is determined to get his man. Only, he finds his woman first.Night after night, Brianne has fantasized about the sexy stranger she met at the cafe where she works part-time. She never guesses that stranger will turn out to be a client....Thanks to his wealthy sister, Jake is the recipient of Brianne's personal services for the next month. Only, Jake isn't in any hurry to return to a cop's life--he has to find the guy who shot him first. Still, he does need therapy. And Brianne's definitely making him feel much better....


If I am being honest I would give this a 3 1/2 stars. I read romance books so I don't have to think, just be swept away. With this book I had to think & worry about the characters. It took a lot of energy. I was also distracted a lot during reading of this book to, that may have added to my not totally getting into it. I did enjoy the end. Even though it was totally unbelievable it caught me off guard since I was not expecting it worked & I am glad I read it.

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