Simply Sexy

SIMPLY SEXY                                               CARLY PHILLIPS
Posted: July 18, 2013

Simply Sexy (Simply, #5)What do women want? Newspaperman Colin Lyons needs to figure it out--fast Because advice columnist Rina Lowell is waging a sexual campaign against him that he can't withstand for long. Not that he wants to.... Rina is as irresistible to him as her column is to her readers. The problem? The newspaper's in the red, and all fluff pieces have to be cut. Still, faced with Rina's seductive powers of persuasion, Colin can't resist taking her to bed. Little does she guess he's about to put her out of a job, too....


Loved, loved, loved this book & the way she wrapped up all the characters. I just love the character she created named Emma who was in all but one of the books & of course that was the book that was the hardest for me to get through. She just brings life to the pages a slunk that you want her as you 80 yr. Old friend. The fact that she befriends Rina just adds more levels to this book since Rina is looking to start her life over in a new town after her husband's passing & her realizing with it her identity which she know now she really didn't care for. So, self appointed matchmaker Emma is there to help she thinks. I highly recommend this book.

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