Christmas with the Mustang Man

Posted: July 24, 2013

Christmas with the Mustang ManShe'd come for the mustangs, Dallas Donovan told herself. Just a quick visit to Boone Barnett's Nevada ranch. Then her truck's engine seized and she stayed the night in the rugged, off-the-charts sexy Boone's home. Had pizza with his daughter, waited for the mechanic—and woke up to a snowfall keeping her in the reclusive rancher's grasp for another few days.Boone didn't believe in Christmas or miracles or a woman who understood his love for this wild untamed land. Yet now Dallas brought decorations and laughter and joy to his home. But what would happen when the snow melted and Christmas was over…?


I really enjoyed this story. Right away there is this chemistry that comes up between these two characters even though she sees him as non smiling rugged rancher & single father. He looks at her as a customer with to much money. Although beautifully sexy doesn't think she would ever look at him twice. Her truck breaks down & she is forced to stay the night in his home with his daughter & him which gives them both goose bumps. His daughter 12yrs. Takes an instant liking to her since she can see that her dad has soul responsible for her & the farm. Therefore, being able to have someone first of all is a huge plus, then her just being another female is another big plus, & then her not having a mother just let's you know what the girl is hoping for. Loved it.

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