Posted: July 24, 2013

The Rancher's Request (Men of the West, #9) (Silhouette Special Edition)Journalist Juliet Madsen had been burned by men before, but she certainly hadn't left Dallas for small-town Texas looking for love--or a family. Until she met single father and wealthy rancher Matt Sanchez, and the two began a steamy affair. Matt was everything she'd ever wanted: smart, sexy, loyal to his family and extremely dedicated to his teenage daughter. But he didn't know that Juliet was on assignment to expose his family's secrets--and she feared that if he found out, she just might lose the family she'd always wanted...


What a fun fast read. Could not put it down once I started. Matt with his Mexican macho ways at the beginning were purring at the end for Juliet. This is the journalist who brings out the fire in him yet his softer side when he realizes that his sweet 13 year old daughter has fallen for her & has basically hand picked for her mother. That's when this Latin lovers feathers fly. Allowing Juliet to have this hot & cold feeling when she is around him. Figuring it is safer to steer clear of Matt & just best. a best friend to a little girl who lost her mom at a young age like her. This romance sends sparks flying & that is a good read in my book

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