DESTINY                                      ANSLEY GILMORE                                   
Posted: July 18, 2013

Destiny by Ansley GilmorePretty ladies used to smile at James when they saw his muscular features and thick dark hair. They often had initiated conversations with him. He had always felt comfortable talking to a lady that approached him, and asking her out for the first date.

When an IED blew up his Hummer in Iraq, everything changed. Now, when the ladies see the Lieutenants artificial hand, they quickly turn their heads. This hurts, a lot. If he could only erase that horrible day in Iraq.

One day, while feeding the squirrels after his morning jog, James meets Liz. Like previous attractive ladies, she approaches and introduces herself. She's young, smart, and sexy. She can have any guy. She doesn’t seem to care whether James has a prosthesis. Why is she different? Does she like James? Is there hope for romance in the life of this wounded soldier?

This short story is a wounded soldier romance that takes a fresh look at perfect love, perfect timing, and the perfect match.


I thought this was a very sweet story of two of our honored service men & women. Who not only have give their time away from home & family & friends but sometimes their lives. Or like maybe sometimes a limb. Which can cause them to see themselves as invisible or as a non-member of society. This short shows another view. Almost to sugary sappy of a story in some was but still nice.

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