Edge of Forever

EDGED OF FOREVER                                 SHERRYL WOODS
Posted: July 18, 2013

Edge of Forever / A Natural FatherEdge Of Forever

River Glen was at the edge of nowhere--a tiny, sleepy town nestled on the shores of the Potomac. It was perfect for Dana Brantley, who, after a rocky couple of years, was looking for a peaceful place to start over. But the townspeople had other ideas for the new librarian. They thought she was perfect for their most eligible bachelor, Nick Verone. So did Nick's ten-year-old son, Tony. And so did Nick, himself. He was intrigued by the mysterious Dana, and determined to find a way through her reserve. But what he discovers is a wounded and fragile soul. It will take more than his usual charm to convince her that in River Glen--and with him--she has found the edge of forever Natural Father

Pregnant, single and expanding her business--Lucy Basso's hands are definitely full. As it that's not enough, Dominic Bianco is showing more than a little interest in her. And when Dom isn't fazed by her impending motherhood, she begins to think that perhaps he's a natural father.


Two stories in one book:
"Home Sweet Home"
This was a really good story with an underlying message that carried a lot of romance, laughter, tears, suspense, & mystery. Between Dana & Nick the two love interest with Nick's sweet boy who brings them together.

"A Natural Father"
I really enjoyed this stayed for just the Italian family alone.  I enjoyed all the bantering that goes on between each of the different characters Lucy (main character) & her sister Rose. Rose & her husband. "The Dom" (Lucy's love interest) & Lucy. The main characters with their parents. They are just to funny, tender, & sometime just so sad. All of it works in order to make life easier on Lucy who has found herself a unwed, Catholic, & Italian woman. just hearing all those words together just make me laugh. A must read.

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