Embers of Hope

EMBERS OF HOPE                                      KRISTEN JAMES
Posted: July 13, 2013

Embers of Hope (Second Gift #1)Savanna dreaded telling her family and friends about her failed marriage so much that she hid it while living in another state. But she can’t stay away when her best friend Cassie loses her husband, who dies on duty as a firefighter. Savanna quickly returns home to help, longing to find herself again and make a home for her daughter. She meets Mike’s best friend, Jason, the man who talked him into staying with the department just before the fatal fire. He’s also the man who once saved Savanna’s life. Though hurting herself, something deep inside her won’t let her walk away. Jason needs her, but she’s off limits on so many levels. She’s falling for this sexy firefighter, but he confuses her to no end. Savanna's a single mom with secrets, and she could lose her best friend over him.


Really enjoyed this story. Savanna, Cassie & Jason were all brought together by the death of Cassie's husband Mike. Tensions run high when Jason is a horrible reminder to Cassie of what she has lost with Mike. Sparks fly between Savanna & Jason which makes for a.sticky situation for Jason & Savanna. Overall very sweet story.

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