Fighting Fair

FIGHTING FAIR                                          ANNE CALHOUNA
Posted: July 13, 2013

Fighting FairWith a marriage in trouble, there's no such thing as fighting fair...

Jersey girl Natalie Copeland is ready to give up on a decade of marriage. Her husband Shane disappeared into the long, stressful hours necessary to make partner at his investment firm, and now their once-hot sex life has gone ice cold. She knows fighting for the man she loves against the adrenaline rush of deals and dollars is a fight she can't win.
The fast-track to partner came a high price, but Shane's not going to lose Natalie over his work. He knows winning back his headstrong, passionate wife won't be easy. Proving he's in their marriage forever will take everything he's got…and on Wall Street and in love, there's no such thing as a fair fight.  12,000 words in length, contemporary erotic romance.


I read this book because it was a book on Jill Shalvis recommended list & since she is an author I enjoy reading (Jill's books) I thought why not. I have to say I enjoyed it. Up front this was one sizzling book in a good way. This couple has been together for 9 years & life has now gotten in the way. This is their journey to see if it can be saved or not. It is a very short read but it packs a lot of punch in a short amount of words you can see where this couple came from in their relationship & where it went terribly wrong. You will be very surprised with this couples sizzling fight to find their way back.

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