Honeysuckle Summer #7

Posted: July 24, 2013

Honeysuckle Summer (The Sweet Magnolias #7)Her devastating marriage behind her, Raylene Hammond is truly thankful for her best friends, the Sweet Magnolias. They’ve taken her in, shielding her from the world. Then she meets sheriff’s deputy Carter Rollins, and suddenly Raylene’s haven no longer feels quite so safe.

Carter understands why Raylene is trapped inside. He’s even taken to bringing the outside world to her. But with two kid sisters to raise, just how much time can he devote to this woman who’s stolen his heart?

Raylene knows Carter is a man worth loving, but she may never be strong enough to accept what he’s offering. How long can she ask him to wait? Maybe they’ll never have more than this one sweet summer.


Raylene is a loving and devoted girlfriend until she becomes a wife ends up finding out she is with a man from hell. She has to escape from the wife beater of all times. Or he will kill her like he did their unborn child. That was the last straw. So she moves home to her friends who will nurse her back to herself. But what ends up happening is in their protection she becomes afraid to leave home. Basically, afraid to face the world in fear of Paul finding her and or hurting her or her friends. She is will not be far off in her thoughts. When Paul her ex is caught and put in jail for what he did she rest a little easier and starts a relationship with the local sheriff Carter not a good one at first because she is babysitting her friends boy and when the toddler runs after the ice cream truck and she can't leave the house and she freezes Carter blows his stack for her being to self centered to pay attention to the child that is how he got out. When he finds out later he tries to make it up to her but she still can't seem to leave the house. So, Carter brings the outside to her in hopes that she will one days soon be able to leave. So he plants a garden for her in the back yard. One day when one of his two sisters is working in the back yard with Raylene Paul who had been let out of jail shows up at Raylene's. Everyone had been expecting him but it turns out it didn't go as planned for Paul or anyone else. You will have to read to find out what happens it is a really good book. As a person who had panic attacks come on quickly do to my thyroid having cancer I can tell you it is not a pretty thing. I know I am not myself and there is not a thing I can do to stop it. You want to but you can't so this is a struggle that Sherryl did justice to and was so loving a story with all the characters involved.

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