Winner Takes All

WINNER TAKES ALL                            CATHIE LINZ
Posted: July 24, 2013

Winner Takes All (Five Star Romance)Kenna Smith knows a woman's place is in the house -- the Wisconsin House of Representatives -- and her high-powered campaign to win the primary proved it. But she was not convinced that she needed a husband to improve her image. Then a double blind date drew her into the arms of D. J. Newport, and she was forced to reconsider her position. Cathie Linz was born in Chicago and still lives in the Windy City. As an experienced traveler, she has already visited almost twenty different countries, collecting authentic backgrounds for her books. When at home, she enjoys the theater, photography, and her two cats.


I really, really enjoyed this book. Dayre & Kenna have such a wonderful chemistry from the moment they met that I found myself hoping nothing would mess it up. I really enjoyed their fun loving bantering that went on between them. It made me laugh the jokes they played on one another. It reminded me of my husband & I. She had issues to resolve & an election to try & overcome & he loved her enough & was secure enough to give her & them time. Loved this book!!!

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