RETREAT                                                       ALANNA COCA
Posted: July 13 2013

RetreatTen years ago, Andria Thomas celebrated her high school graduation with a retreat at a Wyoming guest ranch. She never expected to fall for a young cowboy during her horseback riding lessons. There was no way that she would sacrifice her well planned life for a long distance relationship with a guy she'd only known for two weeks! Now, after a bitter divorce, Andria returns to the V-Bar Guest Ranch, and is surprised to find that not only did Jake Walker still work on the ranch; he was now running the place. The last thing she needs is another disruption, and re-treating herself to a fling with an old lover is not the way to relax and regroup. It was a good thing she'd have help resisting his charm, thanks to Jake's wife. Time for a hasty retreat...


If you really want to get the best from this story I totally recommend reading treat first because it tells you where this couple was ten years prior & sets up everything. A prequel. I totally enjoyed this story. This man Jake is who every woman wants in there life. Yet, Andi had him & she walked away from ten yrs. ago. This book had a great deal of surprising swift & winding turns. The ending was the best surprise of all...

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