TREAT                                                            ALANNA COCA
Posted: July 13, 2013

TreatAndi Hampton and her two friends treat themselves to a getaway at a Wyoming guest ranch. It would be their last summer together before college, and Andi's well planned life begins. When she meets ranch wrangler Jake Walker, she begins to wonder if she can pencil in a little bit of love.

A short prequel to Alanna's book Retreat. This version also includes the first chapter of Retreat at the end of the file.


Okay, at first when I started reading this I thought okay this going to be another graduation party girl vacation. To let their hair down find a guy have sex & bye bye. But it wasn't all about that it was more. Which really surprised me. So much so that this free book, a prequel, got me to buy, Retreat the continuation of this book which is so good. This book is about three friends who go to VBar Ranch for two week vacation. Andi who has had her life planned out since she was 12 does not not divert from that plan ever. So, the plan was to go to VBar get laid leave. Things change once she meets Jake or do they? This is a prequel for Retreat a must read!!!

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