Coming Event: Interview with Celia Bonaduce

The Merchant of Venice Beach (Rollicking Bun, #1)
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As of 8/11/13
I am just so excited to announce that I will have the great pleasure of interviewing Celia Bonaduce the author of The Merchant of Venice Beach.  I will keep you posted as to when this will happen but if you have not read her book you may want to it is a great read.  The characters are funny as well as people you can bring home as friends.  In fact you just may know someone just like them.  Being from California myself I found it extremely heartwarming to know a lot of the locations.  So, many times authors want to write exotic locations or just someplace away for Cali.  Keep your eyes peeled for the exciting thoughts and tidbits for Miss Celia herself.  Remember to Make it a Great Day and never be Afraid to Learn.

Gods Many Blessings


Celia Bonaduce
Celia Bonaduce

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