She Who Dares: Excerpt #2

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It was Sebastian, and he wasn’t alone. ‘Morning,’ he said, handing her a large white box before moving past her into the flat. Nic skittered hastily out of the way as two complete strangers followed him in, laden down with stainless steel cases and general junk. ‘What is this?’ She clutched her towel more tightly.
                ‘Jeanie is a hair stylist, and Sam does everything else.’
                Nic didn’t dare ask what he meant by everything else. ‘Why are they here?’
                Sebastian settled himself down on her sofa and picked up a magazine from the pile. ‘They’re here for you.’
                Nic stared in bewildered astonishment as the two women introduced themselves and started to unpack what resembled torture equipment. ‘But…but…’ She glanced down at the box in her arms, as if she’d only just realised it was there. ‘What’s this?’
                ‘Your outfit.’
                ‘I have an outfit.’
                ‘No you don’t. I spoke to Ella last night.’
                He seemed in no mood to explain himself or any of this, simply sat there on her sofa looking long and lean and strong and gorgeous in battered jeans and a screaming red t-shirt with a prancing horse on the front. He leaned forward, tossing the magazine down and picking up another one, and it was then she saw the lettering on the back. And she couldn’t suppress a smile. ‘Team Nic, huh?’
                ‘I’ve got ‘mechanics do it with lube’ if you’d prefer.’
                A blush hit her cheeks, and the box nearly hit the floor. She’d have made a smart remark if she’d been able to think of one and if there hadn’t been two complete strangers in the room, both of whom were doing a very bad job of not laughing. As it was, an indignant ‘we do not!’ was the best she could manage.

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